Live Life On Your terms

So, today I will be talking about fear. I think everyone has fear. We’re all afraid of what other
people will think about us. Nobody is happy if they are criticized.
For example, we’re all afraid of failing. Maybe some people are only a little bit afraid, while some people very, very afraid. But all of us have that fear.

The point is, everybody has fear and we must learn to live with our fear.
You have to accept your fear to see it and recognize it.

The first step is to accept your fear… “Yes, I have fear, and yes, I’m afraid of this.”
You have to be honest.

If you stop because of fear, your life will become boring and dead.

On the other hand, if you do continue despite the fear, you will keep going. You keep pushing yourself, challenging yourself. Then you will improve and feel alive, and you will feel lots of energy. People will notice this, and they will see that you are living your dream and trying to improve.

A lot of people work a job they hate. They go every day to this job, but they never change this because of the fear. They’re afraid to leave their comfortable zone.
Ok, some other people don’t hate their job, but they don’t love it. It’s okay, and then day after day, week after week, year after year, they have the same boring job. And they become more and more dead in their life. And, unfortunately, I see that’s probably the normal thing. I think most people do that.

Most people I meet, they’re not super excited and thrilled and feeling wonderful about their job or their career. Because they’re not living their real dream, they gave up. They quit. Don’t do
that. If you have done that, well, it’s never too late to change. You can change today! Just do it.

What do you really, want to do? Think what you can do every day despite being paid for it or not. If you really dream big, what kind of career or job or business would make you feel excited and alive every day? Try to do that.
You might need to study more. You might need to learn a lot. You might need to take a big risk. You might need to quit your the job you have right now. It might take lot of time, but start trying to do it now. Keep working at it. Do it. Don’t stop because of your fear. This is a never ending process. You never stop challenging yourself. You never stop pushing past fear. The fear will always be there.
There will always be something new, a bigger dream you want to try, and the fear is going to try to stop you, but you always have to keep going. As long as you’re alive, this will happen. It never, ever stops.
You know, when I lost my job to start my online business, I was afraid. In fact, I was terrified. I was afraid I was going to fail. I was afraid I would have no money and be homeless. But I did it anyway. And I’m very happy that I did because now I am very excited. I feel alive. I love what I do.
I love my dreams. But I’m not stopping.
Now I want to grow my business. I want to bring more people into this business and coach them.
All of these give me newer fears. Oh my god, maybe I won’t be very good at coaching. And English is not my first language. I have to stand in front of people. Oh my god, I’m afraid, right? The fears always come. But you just keep going anyway. I’m not going to be stopped by those fears. I will continue. And you must continue as well.

So dream big, leave your comfort zone and accept fear – leave your own way and on your own terms.

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