Limiting Beliefs Will Continue Yours Struggling

Beliefs are one the most important factors when you start you journey online. If I’m honest, at the beginning, I didn’t stress enough to the mindset when I started online.
You need to start thinking as a successful person does. I leant this the hard way. I thought negative all the time, but to get where you want to be you need to get your mindset right before you start.


At first I want to talk about limiting believes. They stop you. They stop your progress. As they stop me at my beginning online, I also notice that they also stop my students. They stop them from improving and from getting better. All have some bad experience when they start online and try to make some money online. They was unsuccessful, lose money and they start to think negative and their beliefs became limited. All this negative experiences have created some very negative believes. For example they say “Nino I’m not good in HTML,” or, “my English is bad, because English is not my first language.” Well, this are believers. “You will succeed if you will believe,” I say.


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The second common believed that making money online is complicated and not easy.
Again that only believe, making money online ,is simple once you learn the right method and stops your limiting believes.

I also have has limiting believes when I started online which stops me and slows down my success. I remember how I ask my mentor. English is not my first language; do your programs will be good for me? And this believes also hurt my motivation! But they are wrong, if you search online, you will find lot of people their first language also isn’t English, but they succeed online and today they are making lot of money online.


So how do you get rid of these believes? Okay, you have them, you know that they are negative and also you know that they will not help you. The first step is to figure out how to eliminate them! Usually our feelings get from references. Reference is just a experience or memory. So start to visual the same bad experience that you are successful in your mind.


If you see it in your mind, you’re going to hold it in your


So with your thoughts, negative limiting beliefs become positive and they don’t stop you anymore.

Start thinking positive about your fear, as making money online is easy, or my English is good enough to make money online.
So let’s do that. Let’s talk now about the positive side, about empowering beliefs. So this beliefs will give you power now! That’s the kind of beliefs you need and you need to choose them.
You can start thinking about your goals, as you already achieved them. All these positive and empowering beliefs will give you wings.
I also suggest you read a book or listen to audio about self development and mindset every day. This will also give you additional power and self belief. It wills also help you when you are down. It will bring out again your empowering beliefs. Do this every day to be a habit or morning/evening ritual.
Maybe all this looks silly to you. My thought was the same at the beginning, but I can say that this helped more than everything out there.

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Nino Sem

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