How To Create Landing Page

Create your Landing page

The best programs for landing page creation are optimize press, lead pages and similar programs or wp plug-ins. Wondering how to handle such programs? Don’t get tensed. If you aren’t familiar with them you can download my bonus FREE “landing page”:

Ok, you have the solution to your landing page. I am sure you are a bit relieved on how easy the first stepping stone to success went. Well, the fun part will get all the better now!

Moving ahead, you must now connect your landing page with your auto responder to collect the opt-in emails… Your landing page is very crucial. It will be face of your business.

After that, you can check how your landing page is converting. Then, go out to find some solo ads. You can find them in FB groups

or Skype groups, but, be aware; there are a lot of cheaters out there, so be intelligent and test with smaller amount of clicks first. The conversion depends on traffic quality.  But for an orientation, a good landing page converts between 40 – 60%. If your landing page converts in this range then is OK, otherwise you need to think over.

They are a few “free” methods to build your list too (blog with landing page and free gift – eBook or something similar). But eventually nothing is free. You must have a blog with a lot of traffic which will take a lot of time and time means money. So, why not think about a faster option? If you want to build your list fast and make money, then buying traffic with solo ads is the only alternative. When you have built enough big lists, then you can start selling traffic with solo ads.


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