Don’t Label You As A Failure

I got fired from my job because I resisted my boss. In fact I leave it because I don’t want work anymore for pennies. I was a black sheep. People around me asked what I was doing. Be quiet and listen to him!

Well you have only two choices. I took the hard one.
What have I learned from this experience?

I learned a lot of great things. I learned things about myself. I realized that, for me, freedom was more important than a job.
I learned that I liked to be independent and make my own choices.

I learned a lot of lessons from that experience. I don’t think it was a failure; I think it was a huge success. It was a great learning experience.
It’s a great new opportunity if you get fired, but only if you see it as a learning experience. If you decide you failed, you lost a job, you just get sad and depressed and weak. There is no failure; there’s only learning.
Any time you have a similar situation, ask the same question: “What have I learned? What can I learn from this?” No failure.

You can apply the same thing to your business. You will never fail; you’ll just learn. You’ll learn which methods are best and which methods don’t work. You’ll never fail.

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