Are you making money online? – Case study

Most of the people I speak with who started out there to make some money online have struggled for years to actually do so.

I know the feeling because I was in the same position. I can imagine your thoughts. You might feel like this whole making money thing doesn’t work or maybe you’re just burned out working hours and hours and barely covering the costs.

Trust me, once you learn how to make $3K a month it’s easy to make $50k+ a month.

I’m not telling you this to brag, but I’ve also started my mentoring and mastermind program and helped people make good money online.

I’ve taken a guy from my neighborhood whose English is also his second language and turned him into a solo ads rock star.

This is a story that will really show the power of this business.

The student that I am talking about is Matija Balantic… He, not too long ago, got in touch with me because he was burned out working and managing his affiliate web pages.

coaching copy

We got on a consulting and discussed about traffic business as best options for him…

The advertisers always make money. It didn’t matter if the buyer made any!

This idea is not something new or revolutionary. What do Google, Bing, and Facebook sell? Traffic….

Having a “Traffic” business is like having a gas station.

I remember what Matija said to me: I’m tired of writing posts and managing my websites. Will I have to blog, write posts, record videos etc.? If that is the case, I really don’t want to do this.

Under normal circumstances, in any business, you do have to do all of that, but traffic business was a perfect fit for him.

In the beginning he was careful, but after one month he exploded and became solo ad rock star. He reached $8,304 in his first two month and half.

You can check up on his success. There are tons of testimonials from people making sales with his traffic

Do you want to know how he made it? I launched my new product where I show you step by step how to open your “gas station.”

It’s your turn – Ninolistbuildingmastermind

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