What to promote as affiliate

In fact, I don’t like to promote product launches.  The problem with that is it’s like just a short influx of money and what a lot of people actually do while promoting product launches the wrong way they’re promoting the new shiny object every single week and the problem with this is your going to kill your email list trust very quickly. People are going to not like you they’re going to be thinking in their head like “hey man there is no way that you have time to check out every single one of these products” You have to have that kind of Integrity if you want to make a lot of money with your email list because that’s what keeps people buying year after year after year. I literally have people that were on my list buying for like over 4 years and they buy everything I recommend and because they know that I won’t recommend something to them just because I can make a commission.
I want you two to know that you should choose yours offers very carefully. I do not promote typical affiliate offers. Honestly, I think most affiliate programs suck and the reason I that because most you make tiny commissions. As an affiliate, you have to put in quite a bit of work to build up your audience, to build an email list, to get traffic, and when you’re only making like 10% 20% 30% that doesn’t allow you to scale out very big really. You need to be making decent money in order to be able to get paid advertising because that’s how you lose money very
So you know what you got, to do the math in order to be efficient for you, so can you scale.  For me, I don’t like promoting things that don’t have at least 50%.   I’m just not going to touch it and 50% is considered like excellent affiliate marketing industry. You’re going to see very few programs that allow you to make more than that unless you get into like a license model what you can make up to 90%.
And that’s what I meant before about how I like to come up with products that basically it’s like I’m the product Creator without having to do the work.
I don’t want to have to do all the work and then you get tiny commission and the product owner gets all the benefits. What happens in most affiliate marketing programs is, you’re driving the traffic, building the audience, doing all the hard stuff, but the product owner gets all the benefits.

Like “hey I got this product and you can make some money from if you want to promote it” but there’s not really any real incentive to promote it because you’re not really set up to win. You’re not set up to win like them and then what happens is when you go and do all the hard work, they’re going to go and sell mid-ticket, a high-ticket and ultra high ticket offers like a mastermind coaching program or something you’re not going to get a single commission. You’re just going to make money on the tiny front end, and that’s it like in you cannot scale a business very big

A lot of times people think that you can’t promote a high-ticket product, they think like they can sell only products like $7 and $27 and $37 products.  I can tell you when I first started; I didn’t have confidence in my abilities to able to sell high ticket programs. I couldn’t imagine people buy things that are $2000 and 10.000 $. In the internet marketing industry, people will pay you even up to $100,000 for done for your services.  And what you got to realize is that maybe just because you’re at a time in your life you’re a person right now who doesn’t have a lot of money, it’s hard to see the other people would spin larger amounts of money for this kind of products.
I want to tell you if you promote the right products and people see the value, there’s a lot of people in this world and on the internet.  All you have to do is put the right offer in front of the right person.  What I can tell you, it is ten times easier to sell someone like “you wanted to make 10.000 $ a month”
It is just 10 times easier to sell 10 people 1000$ product as sell 1000 people 10$ product.
While this being said, take a look at the chart. If you want to make million dollars, you can see, if you sell a $200 product you’re going to sell to 5,000 people if you sell $1,000 product you only need a thousand people if you’re selling the $4,000, you need only 250 people


So you get the point… To make log story short, I also don’t like to promote one time payment products. Instead I like to make sell once and be paid for long time…. I think you also want to retire early, travel the word or do what ever you want….

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