What Are Solo Ads?

A “Solo Ad” is the process of having someone with a LARGE email data base of leads and when you pay him to send out a personalized email message on your behalf to promote your product or service.

Your ad will have a recommendation and link to your “opt-in” offer capture page. Some people on that email list will opt-in (add their email address) on the page and you can build your own email list and probably attain some sales for whatever you are promoting.

This is what a solo ad looks like:

Sub: FINALLY the truth is revealed…

It’s not often that I watch a video and get TOUCHED.

Today was different.

Check here

I watched this short video about a guy who tells
you about his journey, his failures and the day
he finally got his BREAK.

And, normally, you hear these same stories and
they want $37 or $47 dollars at the end of the video.


Watch video here

He’s doing this one out of the GOODNESS of his

OWN heart.

Sounds crazy right?

You be the judge:


Talk Soon,

Nino Sem

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