Solo Ads Coaching Testimonial Kay Chong

Kay Chong: “Until I met Nino that my online business change and I started
to see real results.”

I been on the entrepreneurial journey for a good 7 years now. Throughout the years, I have hired and met lots of people and had several mentors.

Most people think that making money online through coaching is largely a complete sham, and think most of them are complete bullshit. I have also met a lot of people who told me that what they felt after sessions with these mentors. They left with a feeling of humiliation, it lowered their confidence, they lost hope, were left with no direction, no clarity, had no positivity in their life, and even worse, they were still broke.

In fact, a very unfortunate fact is that this can be true. BUT it is NOT always the case. Yes, throughout my online entrepreneurial journey. I have unfortunately and HATE to say it but I have met and hired quite a few mentors like this. I had the very same experiences. Honestly, it really sucked!

Thankfully I choose to move forward and keep on searching for the really good ones. I never gave up, Because I always believed that there were still GREAT MENTORS and COACHES out there, who were sincere and actually making real income online.

It wasn’t until I met Nino that my online business changed and I started to see real results.

Before I met Nino Sem, I used to keep losing my autoresponders. I knew that it was possible to deliver 1000+ clicks per day but I had no idea how. I did not have a clear system in place and did not have someone to speak with, to help solve my problems and essentially get me on the right path.

But every single time, after my sessions with Nino…

I have now been able to solve all my problems that I mentioned and have risen to the top! I am now able to grow my list of subscribers from 0 to 20k subscribers in just 4 weeks! 20k in 4 weeks is a massive quantity lists. To translate that into money that is essentially $0 to $400 per day in just 4 weeks! And my online business has grown from $1,348.85 per month to a whooping $10,810 per month! I never had this kind of experience in my life. For 7 years I was searching and struggling to make money online and to be an online entrepreneur.

On top of this, I have gained truck loads of insight about having an online business from Nino, and most importantly I now have confidence in myself. I own back the confidence about myself on building my own products and services.

He is the only mentor that truly motivated me to keep moving forward and has brought lots of positivity into my life.

He is the only mentor that I saw results like this with, and I did it all in just 4 weeks.

Not only have I had great experiences with Nino every single time, I have also grown a lot with Nino while on this Solo Ads journey.

Nino taught me a lot… this includes never following the crowd. He taught me to live on my own way while following this path.

Nino shared a lot of his wisdom and insights with me about doing business online. This was and has been priceless to me.

Thank YOU, Nino Sem! You are TRULY amazing and awesome! You are the best.

You don’t have to believe me, experience it for yourself! I promise this will be the first step towards a journey and a life that you will never regret.

Have this amazing experience with Nino Sem here:

No doubt! Nino has a great personality, very friendly and is very easy to work together with. He is definitely a great coach to have and to help propel you towards your own online success!

Onwards and Upwards,
Kay Chong


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