Solo Ads Coaching Testimonial Barry Lange

I wanted to take a few minutes and tell readers how amazed and overjoyed I am with the results of my new Solo Ad business – and that every single bit of credit goes to my mentor, Nino Sem. I started my online ventures in 1998. In the nearly twenty years that followed, I’ve tried nearly every segment of IM…… a few with some success, most with no success and one with absolute success. And that’s why I’m writing.

I joined Nino’s mentorship/coaching program in November 2016. I’ll never forget that first phone call. He laid out step by step, exactly what I could expect to happen, if I followed his direction. In the month and a half since then, every single step – I mean every single one – has come to fruition precisely as he laid it out on that first call. It is the first time in literally 19 years that I know I’ll make it in IM. And I have a confidence level that I’ve never felt before because I know Nino is there and has my back through each step. He is patient, he has a level of knowledge that is legendary, and his genuine drive and desire for each student to succeed is priceless.

I recommend that anyone who wants to succeed in the solo ad business – newbie or experienced – you need to contact Nino and discuss what you can do together. If you’ve been on the fence and not sure whether the initial investment is worth it, let me clear your mind – it’s not only worth it, Nino’s mentoring is worth many times what he asks for. With Nino’s guidance, and you following the simple tasks he lays out, you WILL make it.

Barry Lange

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