How Often Do You Email?

The question about How Often Do You Email is in fact very simple. The best frequency is daily, but no less than three times a week. As long as they receive high quality content, people open your emails, especially if you have good subject lines. However, a lot of times as long as they like you and see your name, they’re going to open it and see what you have to say. Here I want to stress, especially when they opt into your list, to email them every single day and deliver them only value. I usually lead up to my promotions with lots of value and then I sell hard for two to three days straight. Later, I go back to value to reel them back in.

The next is a very important skill: how to make money from a small list. As first, once people opt-in, lead them to your marketing channels, like Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Twitter and so on. This is so you can connect with people on a consistent basis. That way, when you market with email, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, and Twitter, you get multiple channels where people can come across you, and now they are more willing to buy from you.

Also encourage people to reply or to reach out to you with questions and guide people to you in order to have a conversation. Make yourself easily available so they will reach out to you and ask for help. Lots of leaders in the industry make themselves as untouchable as possible, and that’s the point where people can resonate with you because they can personally message me. They can ask me a question and I will reply and I will help them. What happened a lot of times is that I helped them, and they became a customer because they thought that finally they found somebody who didn’t want to only take their money. Guide people to you to have a conversation because the money starts with a conversation.

Probably right now you are scared to do that. I can tell you right now that it can be a breakthrough for you, and you can make a lot of money with a small list with this kind of approach.
When they contact you, listen to their problems, help them for free and then offer a solution, which can be your product or an affiliate product, it doesn’t matter. You need to listen to people. The more you listen to them, the more they will tell you what they want.
Usually when people contact me, I let them tell me what kind of struggle they are dealing with, what kind of help they need, and what they are frustrated with. Then I answer them, yes, I went through the same things. You relate to them. They will feel you are their friend, and they will feel they can trust you. From there you can present them with a solution. So sit back and listen to their problems and later figure out how you can provide a solution for them. This was the key to my success.

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