Free traffic sucks!

As first please forget all you hear about building an email list. You probably hear about article marketing, blogging, YouTube video marketing and similar “FREE” techniques to build your list. Yes, this is complicated, but let’s simplify things.


All these techniques do is generate leads, but they are too slow. You put lot of effort into it when it’s just not worth the most. You will say this is free traffic. On one hand this is true, but you must also value your time. You will invest more than half a year into this so called “free traffic.

This is reason why Free traffic sucks! Why?

It is too slow and it is not free.

You need to value your time. Most people don’t realize just how valuable their time is.
If you want to be successful online your time is worth $400/hr or more based on a 42 hour work week.

Free traffic is not scalable, and your time is limited. If I sped $1,000 for traffic and I make back $1,500, it can be easy to spend more money and scale up your income and build a list quickly, but on the other hand my time is limited to leverage free traffic as blogging, SEO or social media.

 Why we need paid traffic to build responsive lists

So, we find out that we can build our list fast with paid traffic. Now we will discover some traffic sources. I test out Facebook traffic, mobile traffic, PPV traffic sources and so on. I spend lot of time testing all these traffic sources. I got very good results on traffic costs with these sources, but from my experiences the best traffic to build responsive lists that will make you money are solo ads; not only the best, but also the fastest and easiest, too. And the most important thing about building lists with solo ads:

What is the reason that Solo Ads are the best source for IM marketers?

I find out that people who subscribe to my list, who come from Facebook ads, didn’t read emails (their open/click rate is 3-4 times lower) as the leads I get from solo ads. What is understandable is that if traffic comes from an email, their habit is that they read emails. (I have similar experiences with PPV, mobile and some co-reg traffic sources.)
Here is also another thing about solo ads: you can master traffic with solo ads as a newbie very quickly, despite you needing much more time and knowledge to master other traffic methods.

For more information about building lists with solo ads, click here.

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