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I often got customers who want to run solo ads and use an affiliate/company landing page. Usually the problem is that most affiliate mail to the same offer and the audience doesn’t respond to it well because they’ve seen it before. So I suggest my clients use their own landing pages, but here we get a problem. They have no idea how to make it…

On the Internet, there are many companies that offer programs for easy building of your own capture page. The best out there are mostly optimizepress, lead pages and similar programs or WordPress plugins. They all have a common attractive factor: Low monthly subscription or a low purchase price.

If you are a newbie and you aren’t familiar with how to invest initially for new programs, take the solution I mentioned in first chapter of this eBook. You can download “landing page” for FREE!

Frankly, it is mine and you can use it or change it as you wish.

Suppose you aren’t familiar with html, I can customize it for you (custom text and big picture provided you send to my email) and if you order 300 clic solo ad from me:

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