Douglas Ring

This is a short testimonial endorsing Nino Sem.

I’ve ordered clicks from Nino Sem repeatedly over the past year. He’s become so dependable that I’ve turned my business on auto pilot by recently requesting a monthly subscription to his 500 click package.

Why did I make this decision? There were several reasons for doing so, including his:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Quality

1) From a very simplistic standpoint – Nino delivered 1) what he said he would, 2) when he said he would do it, and 3) on the terms we agreed upon.

2) From a very scientific standpoint – Nino has earned my trust through the clicks he provided. As a co owner of a click fraud detection and decision making service, my engine has scanned his clicks and I’ve been able to ensure that I’m getting what I paid for. All of his clicks have come from humans. All of his clicks that report themselves from tier 1 countries are indeed from T1 C’s. None of them are being sent using VPNs, Proxy’s, TORs, Link Cloakers, etc., and all of them have come from Human Hands. Moreover, the traffic is originating from high quality email lists rather than exits, other pops, or funnels.

3) Because he is sending live human beings with eyeballs from countries that have money and are interested in the IM Niche – His clicks are converting very well for the opportunity I’m sending them to. Your funnel and opportunity will determine your conversion rates – so I don’t think this is an area to really focus on.

I would argue that based on 1-3, there is nothing else that’s terribly important to analyze. Based on the above factors, Nino commands a premium rate for his clicks when compared against his peers in the market. In this case, you’ll get what you pay for.

As an expert in the field of detecting solo ad click fraud, I endorse very few people. After purchasing over 10,000 clicks, without reservation, I fully endorse and recommend Nino Sem.

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