Do Email Open Rates Drop?

I’m not really seeing email open rates drop. Now, here is the thing about email open rate drops. In my experience, it is not that email open rates and click rates are dropping; it is more that people are becoming more selective about who they read and which email list they are subscribed to.

Email open rates, I believe, are affected by a few different things. Here are my top three reasons I believe have affected my email open rates.
I believe that one of the biggest things that has to do with your email open rates is the way you get email subscribers. We are coming to a time when the squeeze pages are not as effective as they used to be.

People are just getting tired to opting in to get some sort of information. I believe that the best opt-in is now working well where you are delivering content up front and you’re finding a way to put yourself in front of a customer and then later you can lead them into a squeeze page. A good example of this is this post. At the end of this post, you will be able to click a link below that will lead you to a squeeze page where you will be able to opt in to get more email marketing tips. I have different posts where I share email marketing tips, so people reading those posts find some value. They see the tips I share, and are more likely to come back later and opt into my squeeze page and follow my emails.
So they want to opt in because they want more information from you. They want to hear more about what I have to share.
That is pretty much how I have been structuring my marketing campaigns.
The second thing I want to share with you is something that depends on the market. There are some markets, or you can call them niches, where I liked to email them almost daily. And they are also niches where emailing daily is not necessary or the best thing. This is something that you need to play around with.

I find out that in competitive niches (as my make money online niche is), you want to email daily, because you have people that are getting emails from a lot of people and you don’t want to leave them to your competitors.

I’m finding that even if I do my best, sharing everything I know, not everyone’s going to read my emails all the time. Not everyone is going to apply my information, and to be honest and frank with you, I don’t care so much if I make money from everything I put out there because I’m finding that the more I get and the more I help other people, they are more willing to come back and learn from me and buy stuff that I recommend.
If you are not in a very competitive niche, I find that spacing out your emails three to four days or least once a week will work out.

The last tip for today has to do with humanizing your website or marketing. What I mean with humanizing is we seem to be tired of everyone following these proven models and  all these formulas that everyone is taking and teaching out there. For example, you’ve seen how everyone is using lead pages for their squeeze page, so every squeeze page looks the same. The same is also with optimizing press and all other popular programs out there for squeeze page generation. So every business just seems to look the same.

I think we’re starting to realize that the people who were having more success are people who are becoming a bit more authentic.
So those are my top pieces of advice on how to get better email open rates. I hope you get value from this. Make sure you like this post, leave a comment below, and share a tip of your own.

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