Day 3

Role Model

This is one of the most important key to my success.  Did you hear for Role model…?
It’s someone that has success, the same kind of success that you want…

It’s important to have role models. Role models are people who have succeeded already.
Why is that important to find role model?

Find more out in video day 3…




2 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Maria says:

    Dear Mr. Nino Sem, I’ve been making every effort to make money on line since 2002 my last divorce. I want to have a home of my own. How long do you believe it will take me to earn $120,000 which is the offer I made for a home here in El Paso, TX next door to my sister’s! I need to have a bank account within 10 days to the Agent so that she will know for sure that I have the money. Would you consider, through the kindness of your heart to help.

    1. Nino Sem says:

      Hi Maria, it is hart to tell how long it will take to make $120,000… Some have reach this amount in 2 months, some need 3 years…
      Also lot of them newer make a dollar online. All depend on you. You can contact me and we can talk more all about….

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