How Can I Remove Inactive Subscribers From My List?

It’s a good task to remove inactive subscribers from your list here and there. People who aren’t interested in your message and opening your emails are not valuable anymore to you. They also may forget who you are and mark your message as spam… How often you need to clean the list or how long need to be enough to delete inactive subscriber from your list…..

The amount of time that passes for a given subscriber to stop being an asset and start becoming a problem will vary depending on your list. In most cases, six months is maximum time to remove this subscriber from your list… After some time of no opens, it is very likely that either the email address was abandoned or the subscriber isn’t interested into your topic anymore.
Luckily, you can easily search your list and find subscribers who have not opened a message from you recently. You can also delete them very easy. Here are step by step Instructions for aweber autoresponder, which is by my opinion best choice in internet marketing space.

1: Hover over the Subscribers tab and click Manage Subscribers.

2: Click the “Select Field” tab

3: Select No Opens from the select field options at the bottom

4: Now choose the date you’d like to search by.

You can also add another search term – date they subscribe to your list. This will ensure that newer subscribers who may just not have gotten to your messages yet won’t be deleted together with the rest of the inactives. So we still give them chance to engage with our message.

By clicking the + button. This field would be Date Added date is before, then choose the same date as you chose for “no opens”

This will allow you to find all your subscribers who have not opened a message since that date…So if you want to see who hasn’t opened your message in the last 60 days, choose a date 60 days ago.. 5:Click the Search button, then scroll down to see the list of subscribers who haven’t opened your messages since the date you chose. 6: Check the Erase box in the upper left of the list of subscribers in order to mark them all to be deleted. After this task click Delete to remove them from your list permanently.

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