Do you know what happens, if you do not automatically collect the name, email from a visitor who visits your website? Most probably, the chances of them ever visiting your site again will be less than .001%.

YES… 99.99% of people will never visit your site again, if you do not capture their name and email! This is why we need the auto responder.
It is through this email collection we can send the customer offers and earn money by selling solo ads.

Autoresponder is a computer program which allows us to collect emails from customers and send them for broadcasting or follow up emails. The best autoresponder programs are Aweber, Getresponse and GVO. There are some more, but we need not waste any time for them now. Probably every marketer will have some list yet, so with regard to that, Getresponse allows importing leads.

They will import you all the leads without sending any confirmation email to the lead.  If you do not have any autoresponder yet I suggest you switch to Aweber .

Try it out for one month and ONLY believe once you have witnessed the results.

You can sign up here for the first month just for $1….

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