About Nino Sem

Nino Sem is an entrepreneur, solo ads vendor and mentor.  With my years of experience, I’ve developed my way and given back to this awesome online community. The advice here is suitable for agencies, small businesses, corporations, bloggers – anyone and everyone!

In the beginning of the year 2013, I lost my job. I didn’t want to build anyone else’s dreams. I decided to build my own dreams, to live life on my terms and have freedom. My dream was to live on a sail boat and travel around the world.

It wasn’t easy. I was struggling with a direct sales company, buying the shiny products and business in the box, done-for-you products and get-rich-quick schemes. I almost started to search for a new job, but I didn’t give up. I came across traffic business with solo ads. This, in fact, changed my life.

Please read more about my journey here….

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